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Earth Day Musing!

I live on a piece of land that, when we make the official purchase (we’re waiting for another home to sell 😦 ), we will be 4th generation land owners.  That’s amazing and wonderful to me.  I love this place.  It felt like home as soon as my folks started building it in 1983.  I love how Mr T. has fallen in love with it right along with me.

tree farm signMy dad, who lived on this property for 26 years (with my mom), is an avid Tree Farmer and he has loved and nurtured these trees for even longer.

stewardship forest signI started planting trees with my dad when I was about 12 years old.  That first planting is quite an impressive stand now.  {since trees grow so slow, I guess that dates me}

tree standI helped him plant this stand, with the help of my son in…

harvested/planted…well, I guess it was 1991.  Several years later I painted this sign.

Wow!  What craftsmanship!  🙂  Why would I ever question my artist abilities???

planted in 1991...maybe even by ME!

planted in 1991...maybe even by ME!

our cabinI love our little cabin.  It sits there so photogenically.  I just had to snap a shot to share with you.  We actually started building this on my parent’s property several years before we ever dreamed we would  live here.

If you ever want to come to my neck of the woods for a visit, I just might put you ‘up’ there.

little pond/water featureI was able to get my little pond/water feature {that my brother built in jr.high} clean out and running yesterday.  It sounds so nice but it’s very difficult to keep clean.  You can see a bit of my chicken coop in the background.  It’s coming along nicely!!!!


April 22, 2009 - Posted by | chickens, family, home life, my neck of the woods!


  1. Love this post… Makes me a bit homesick 😦

    I’m pretty sure I helped plant some of those trees. I’m also pretty sure I wimped out after an hour or two, but I helped a little non-the-less 🙂 I probably went inside to help grandma make cookies or some kind of yummy treat.

    Love you!!

    Comment by Lauren | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh wow!, what a gorgeous part of the world you live in Elaine, just as I imagined – so peaceful.. You must love it so much!

    Comment by Jenny | April 22, 2009 | Reply

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