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I love the country life!

The past few days we have truly been experiencing SPRING!  There are still large patches of snow here and there but the warm weather makes it very easy to overlook those remaining signs of winter.  We have a fairly large yard to maintain around here and it begins with a spring raking.  I don’t think that I would be exaggerating if I said that there is about 1 acre of yard to rake.  It pays off to start as early as possible, even if I do have to work around the piles of snow.

{correction:  Mr. T says that I have about 2 acres to rake}

everything is more fun with help...well, almost everything!

everything is more fun with help...well, almost everything!

rhubarb I have a few signs of life popping up in my garden.

This is rhubarb!

garlicand garlic!  The horseradish that I planted almost too late is even coming up.

Taking these pictures in the garden came at the expense of receiving some very exuberant licks!…


That dog almost always makes me smile!

I took the following {green} section from the blog, Skippy’s Vegetable Garden:

Watching natural cues is called phenology. Its not something I have heard much about from gardeners. I (and most others) go by the calendar. But I love to see the progression of the seasons and how each event comes in its own time.

Here’s some of the phenology advice I’ve come across:

When red winged blackbird females return it is time to plant peas.

When the chickadees build their nests, plant peas and spinach.
When dandelions are blooming plant potatoes, beets, lettuce, spinach and carrots.
When the iris bloom, plant the peppers and eggplants outside.
Plant beets, lettuce, spinach when lilac is in first leaf.
When lilac blooms, plant beans, cukes and squash.
Plant corn when oak leaves are the size of squirrels ears.
Plant your corn when apple blossoms start to fall.

Even though I still have some snow in my garden I think that it’s time to get my peas planted.

*I realize that the above picture of me is anything but flattering but since I would like to think that I don’t struggle with vanity issues I just had to post it (because it was the best one…UGHHH).  It does make me appreciate though that I began a regular walking regime {again} with a friend.  Since tomorrow is National Start Walking Day, I’m going to offer a tidbit of encouragement to each of you to consider the forever health of your amazing bodies and get out and walk.

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