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Time with my girls!

kates&abbsHow is it that I am able to enjoy these sweet {young} nieces while my own kids are nearly grown?

Well, the story for me began like this…I came home from school one day, at the age of 15, to find my mom, crying while snuggling close to my dad on the couch.  Two things were out of the ordinary at first glance:  1) my mom was crying & 2) my dad was home from work in the middle of the afternoon.

Really, there wasn’t anything too tragic but actually, wonderful (Ok & maybe a little embarrassing).

With the family having reached the ages of 19, 18 & 15, my mom found herself in the situation of being pregnant.

Marc & I

no comments on the lovely Farrah do!

For this 15 years old that was no situation or predicament, it was pure joy.  I’ve always been a baby-lover.  I’m sure it started when I was about 3 yrs. old and that craziness for babies has only increased.  I loved that baby boy to death.  He was my favorite little guy.  Now he’s a wonderful, respectable man who, with his sweet wife has created these two little angels.  (it is difficult to say such nice things about him right now though, because he thinks that he is going to move is family to Alaska) 😦

I’ve had the girls for this whole week (while m&d √ out AK) with yesterday being our last full day together.  It was time to have the long-awaited-for tea party.

the 'tea' life

center piece

the 'tea' life

I've even been know to dress-up from time to time.  This is only as much of the picture that I could bear to show though.  ;-)

I've even been known to dress-up from time to time.

≈as my kids are close to the above mentioned ages {although, I’m considerably older than my mom was}, it’s a bit crazy to think about starting over in the baby dept. right now.   Miss Liz asked me this week, if having the girls here made me want another little girl.  I had a quick answer…


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Something new is coming…

A little bird that was flying through cyber-space told me that there is a new blog  joining our community.

give-a-way charm

I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

Actually, I do know more.  This charm will be used as a give-a-way on that blog.  That’s really all I know.  Oh, I guess there is one more thing, there will be a #2 charm given away as well.

Don’t know when, where, how???? …but, I do know by whom.

«i love this {one•of•a•kind} charm and i really wanted to keep it, but i was so excited about the possibility that one of you might win it that i slipped it out into the mail with nary a thought»

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Sunday Inspiration!

This is my Father’s world,
And to my listening ears
All nature sings,
And round me rings
The music of the spheres.

— Maltbie D. Babcock (1858-1901)

I heart bird tracks!

I love my Father’s world!

*the picture was taken when the girls & I were on a little nature walk this week – we enjoyed looking at a variety of animal tracks – these were bird tracks that wiggled this way and that and looped around mid-way making a large heart.  We definitely stood in awe at that and all three of us took pictures with our cameras.

nature walking....

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Sometimes, it takes more than a village!

There is an African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Hillary took it a step further when she wrote (or did she?) a book with the same title.  When Amber wrote a sweet and meaningful post recently with that same famous title, it got me to thinking about my own life.  I’ve always known that a key factor in my ‘turning out’ (some would argue that I have indeed ‘turned out’) had a whole lot to do with the many wonderful people in my life who greatly influenced me.  However, for me it definitely took more than a village – maybe a city – or even a country!

mom & dad - a long time ago

Happy 50th Anniversary, mom and dad ~ this has been my mom's favorite picture, therefore it shows much wear

My parents deserve the greatest show of appreciation from me.  They celebrated 50 years of marriage yesterday.  This commitment for them hasn’t  just been a matter of ‘sticking it out’ because it was the right thing to do.  They are a wonderful example of two people who have loved each other and loved God through the good times and the hard times.  They have daily lived out the vows that were declared publicly on their wedding day.  Thank you mom & dad!

some of my village people

some of my village people

This collage represents just a handful of the people who poured into my life throughout the years.  When I was growing up our home seemed to have a continual flow of wonderful people going through it.  I would latch onto any and all of them and simply make them crazy.  Most of them would give me some of that attention that I so craved.  OK…I was, and still am, a bit needy!

Over the years, I’ve known that now it’s my turn to ‘give into’ the lives of others, especially kids as they are going through their time of ‘turning out’.  That’s a grand opportunity that each one of us have and there are so many creative ways to to it, but it’s not a challenge to take lightly!  😉  What does your village look like?

*In the center picture of the collage, take note of the stylish rw&b outfit that I have on.  I made that myself (w/help, I’m sure) and I was quite proud of it.  Must have been around 1976.

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Snuggling Seeds!

garden seeds for 2009

I have part of my garden planted ~

more seeds

really I do, and it feels so good.

several varieties of tomatoes ~ peppers ~ cabbageeven tomatillos!

garden 3.12.09

OK – so, since this is what my garden looks like – I’m really just dreaming about the actual, in-the-ground planting

garden gate 3.12.09

and if I step a bit further back, this is what my garden gate looks like.

planting seeds 3.12.09

but our seeds are all snuggled down in my sweet little peat pellets ~ resting in the window sill…hoping for more sunny days.  (they’ve been starting out at about 0° this week)


…with a bit of help, of course – everything comes with extra help this week.

There is just something about watching a seed grow that I’ve planted that brings equanimity.

equanimity • \ee-kwuh-NIM-uh-tee\  • noun 1 : evenness of mind especially under stress 2 : right disposition : balance

Oh, how I love that word, balance!

after one week

these tomato seeds were planted one week ago today

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What drives a girl to…

…think that her nieces who are 4 & 6 need to make piñatas for their upcoming birthdays?

happily making pinatasKatie & Abbie are with us for a whole week.  I knew that I wanted to do some crafty stuff with them but I wasn’t sure what.  Katie was good to remind me that first day about every 5 minutes that we needed to be working on something.

piñata pride!I took them to WalMart so they could buy something special with the money they had saved up.  As we worked our way through the party aisle (not sure why we were there), they were so impressed with the piñatas.  I said, “Do you girls want to make piñatas for your birthdays?”.    ~So, there you have it!  That’s what drives me…my big mouth!

piñata hi-lights!

Actually, we are, of course, having much fun, as Mr T captured it on film.  Little Miss Wee Wiggles likes it for about 5 minutes at a time but Aunty is helping her right along.  I love getting my hands all gooey and they’re getting used to it as we add a new layer each day.

Piñatas are fun for kids of all ages.  Here is my goo recipe

mix ½ c. flour with 2 c. cold water ~ add to 2 c. boiling water and bring to boil.  Remove from heat, stir in 3 T. sugar.  Let cool.  It will thicken as it cools.  I used my first batch over a two-day period but you wouldn’t want to let it hang out much longer than that.

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{charming} hankies

charming hankies

I’ve been experimenting with a couple of ways to combine charms with hankies.  I showed one idea in  this post but each time I come up with a new idea I have to work with it for a while to see if it settles in enough for me to decide whether or not it’s a good idea.  That one never settled in…

charming tag

…so I began to fool around with another –

charming tag

– and I like it better!

charming tag

I think that it’s settling in…

charming tag

Ya, I think that I can work with this one.

another charming tag

The paper cone opens at the top so that a sweet little charm can be nestled inside.

charming hankiesThe real question with all incredible {selling} ideas is, “How to display them?”.

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plātz w/patina~

platz w/ black patinaI have had this black patina for several months but just haven’t had any interest in trying it.  This morning I decided that the license plate charms might be the best way to experiment with this.  I think that it’s a perfect combination.  Compared to the variety that I work with in my soldering, these are in a class all their own.  Each one in their own way shows a bit of rustic patina {keeping in mind that their life has been spent hanging off of the end of a vehicle} and the sleek silver edge doesn’t necessarily compliment them, whereas I think the addition of the black patina looks nice.   – You can see the contrast between the ‘J’ and the ‘5’.

'N' platz charmThe copper tape I use is ‘copper backed’, so you can see it peaking through the glass – ‘black backed’ would be a better choice but this is where experimenting can come in handy!

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Spring Forward!

Last night Liz had a birthday party with friends so I was busy baking …cupcakes, chocolate~ice cream cookies, caramel corn…

warm, crisp cookies

I borrowed this cookie recipe from Baker’s Banter and used ice cream instead of the creamy filling.

chocolate~ice cream cookies

They were fun to make and very yummy

{how would I know that?  Unfortunately, my 4 weeks w/o sugar was completely challenged yesterday and I did cave but today is a new day}

going to the freezer

homemade carmel corn

homemade caramel corn is favorite and again quite yummy 😦

spring forward...This isn’t my favorite night of the year because Sunday mornings are always early, get-up-and-go type of mornings, but as with each year, tonight we lose an hour!

Daylight Savings time begins!

We say “spring forward” but I only wish that spring was even remotely close in these parts.  I do plan to get my tomato seeds planted though ~ maybe today [inside, of course].  That will help put a ‘spring’ in my step.

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Surely, another {blooming} artist!

Elizabeth is taking metal shop and has been working for several months on an incredible piece.  It was actually intended for a Christmas gift but instead we received it on her birthday!

sign made by Libby LeighShe is really an artistic girl…

'08 potter class

…as was shown from last year’s pottery class.

pic taken in classThis picture was taken by her teacher, printed out on regular paper and then I scanned it….

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