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In the mail…

I haven’t sent this apron into Apron•o•logy yet.  I wanted to send it with a special letter and the idea for that letter just wasn’t coming to the surface.


A couple of days ago the ‘thoughts’ that I had been looking for began to formulate and this is what I will be sending off with this apron creation!

Vintage{y} apron tag

When I create these aprons I use a fun variety of found items.  This tag will give the owner of the apron an idea of what was used in it’s creation.

tag close-up

long line of gals devoted to their apronsI come from a long line of gals who were devoted to their aprons!

Ooo!  Last minute here…I think I need to add a charm»

grandma and grandpa Carpenter

grandma and grandpa Carpenter

side 2

side 2

I know – I go overboard…you don’t have to tell me!

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