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Food for thought…

saving money

It doesn’t seem that it matters how many years I’ve managed a successful garden, each year I feel like a novice.

It also doesn’t seem to matter how diligently I work in and with it, I always seem to fall short.

a penny for your thoughts

I don’t garden because of the boost it gives to my moral and, before now, I haven’t chosen gardening as a way to save money.  This year, however, we are taking a different approach.  We have a strong desire to be more responsible with the resources that we have at hand and at this point, cold hard cash is not one of those resources.

It is indisputable, in my opinion, that growing your own food is the healthiest alternative and with an incredible amount a bit of extra work we feel that we can save money and, in general, do a better job of taking care of our family.

my precious seedlingsIt would be a foolish thought for me to think that this was for everyone but it would be wonderful if I could encourage someone to consider gardening as an alternative for their family.  Maybe you’ve never tried it before or, you have and are now considering whether or not this will be part of your 2009.

Go ahead…you can do it!

saving money

During WWII, Americans were encouraged to grow a Victory Garden.  Today, this type of an effort (although much different), is being referred to as Recession Gardens.  If anything good can come out of these difficult days ahead (which indeed are probable), it would be that each one of us considers how we can embrace the basics of life, to consider simplicity as a way of life, even when it requires hard work.  {sounds a bit like an oxymoron}

Here is an article that I found interesting and here’s another.

There is no time like today to get started.

brighter days are just around the corner

Many seed companies are finding that they do not have enough stock to keep up with the demand.  Frightening thought and one that can compel avid gardeners to keep their own seed from year to year.

Since I’ve already offered more than the average number of links here, I’m going to add one more that is completely unrelated.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to any momma’s face.  My sweet friend, Michelle.

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