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Time with my girls!

kates&abbsHow is it that I am able to enjoy these sweet {young} nieces while my own kids are nearly grown?

Well, the story for me began like this…I came home from school one day, at the age of 15, to find my mom, crying while snuggling close to my dad on the couch.  Two things were out of the ordinary at first glance:  1) my mom was crying & 2) my dad was home from work in the middle of the afternoon.

Really, there wasn’t anything too tragic but actually, wonderful (Ok & maybe a little embarrassing).

With the family having reached the ages of 19, 18 & 15, my mom found herself in the situation of being pregnant.

Marc & I

no comments on the lovely Farrah do!

For this 15 years old that was no situation or predicament, it was pure joy.  I’ve always been a baby-lover.  I’m sure it started when I was about 3 yrs. old and that craziness for babies has only increased.  I loved that baby boy to death.  He was my favorite little guy.  Now he’s a wonderful, respectable man who, with his sweet wife has created these two little angels.  (it is difficult to say such nice things about him right now though, because he thinks that he is going to move is family to Alaska) 😦

I’ve had the girls for this whole week (while m&d √ out AK) with yesterday being our last full day together.  It was time to have the long-awaited-for tea party.

the 'tea' life

center piece

the 'tea' life

I've even been know to dress-up from time to time.  This is only as much of the picture that I could bear to show though.  ;-)

I've even been known to dress-up from time to time.

≈as my kids are close to the above mentioned ages {although, I’m considerably older than my mom was}, it’s a bit crazy to think about starting over in the baby dept. right now.   Miss Liz asked me this week, if having the girls here made me want another little girl.  I had a quick answer…


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