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Snuggling Seeds!

garden seeds for 2009

I have part of my garden planted ~

more seeds

really I do, and it feels so good.

several varieties of tomatoes ~ peppers ~ cabbageeven tomatillos!

garden 3.12.09

OK – so, since this is what my garden looks like – I’m really just dreaming about the actual, in-the-ground planting

garden gate 3.12.09

and if I step a bit further back, this is what my garden gate looks like.

planting seeds 3.12.09

but our seeds are all snuggled down in my sweet little peat pellets ~ resting in the window sill…hoping for more sunny days.  (they’ve been starting out at about 0° this week)


…with a bit of help, of course – everything comes with extra help this week.

There is just something about watching a seed grow that I’ve planted that brings equanimity.

equanimity • \ee-kwuh-NIM-uh-tee\  • noun 1 : evenness of mind especially under stress 2 : right disposition : balance

Oh, how I love that word, balance!

after one week

these tomato seeds were planted one week ago today

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