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{charming} hankies

charming hankies

I’ve been experimenting with a couple of ways to combine charms with hankies.  I showed one idea in  this post but each time I come up with a new idea I have to work with it for a while to see if it settles in enough for me to decide whether or not it’s a good idea.  That one never settled in…

charming tag

…so I began to fool around with another –

charming tag

– and I like it better!

charming tag

I think that it’s settling in…

charming tag

Ya, I think that I can work with this one.

another charming tag

The paper cone opens at the top so that a sweet little charm can be nestled inside.

charming hankiesThe real question with all incredible {selling} ideas is, “How to display them?”.

March 11, 2009 Posted by | bespoke design, soldered charms, vintage, vintage hankies | 6 Comments