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My drink of choice!

princess house gobletI have a serious weakness for Princess house crystal.  I can’t fully explain why.   It probably has something to do with the fact that I sold it as a young 20 yr. old and because of that I have quite a bit.  But, it’s not like I have  bought it a lot over the years.  In fact, I don’t buy any new pieces but if I see it in a thrift store for cheap, then I just have to pick it up ~ which is why when I saw this goblet for 99¢, it was a must-grab!    My favorite drink* is so beautiful in it and it makes it all the more enjoyable!

*Knudsen’s 100% pure cranberry juice (which is more like a concentrate) with a lot of water added and a few drops of stevia.  Let me tell you, “It quenches!”

What’s your favorite drink?

March 4, 2009 Posted by | in the kitchen | 6 Comments