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Baggies of Surprise!

When Mr T scooped up the linens at Friday’s estate sale, he also snatched up this baggie of crocheted goodness.

samplings of crochetI didn’t take the time then to look through it.

crochetI decided that for 50¢ I would take it home and enjoy the find.

tattingCertainly it was a 50¢ well spent.

crocheted lace

Most of it appears to be samplings of this and that.


Once again, this reminded my of my grandmothers.  Both of these ladies were so good with their hands.  One could manage to whip up anything with some thread and a crochet hook.  The other, could also muster up some needle work but her first love was her yard.  Oh, the beauty that she created there!


crochet samples

Another fun find for him was a baggie full of new, yet vintage, stamps.

stampsNot a bad find for $2 when there is $31.27 worth of stamps.

Don’t forget to…

get to the usps by 11:00We always try to get to the Post Office just a tad before 11:00 because it closes between 11:00-11:30.  Who does stuff like that????  It makes us CRAZY!

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