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Blessed Beyond~

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been away from here for so long.

flamesWe had our get-a-way with the family to celebrate my parent’s 50th and celebrate we did.   I come from a long line of women who love to feed people {body, soul & mind…especially body}, we had food a-plenty and good food.

sharing togetherAs we shared these two days together our hearts were fed as well.  Our mom raised us to sing and now she’s teaching the little girls to sing.

Katie & Abbie

our house

Our family occupied two of these houses.

one the Wenatchee River

We were right on the Wenatchee River.

flowersI would recommend this place to anyone.  Natapoc Lodging.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family whom I loved spending time with!!!!

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…and even more cause for celebration!

Thanksgiving 08

Thanksgiving 08

I’m packing up this morning.  Our whole family is meeting in the middle of the state, near the beautiful town of Leavenworth, for a get-a-way to celebrate together our parent’s 50th!

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In the mail…

I haven’t sent this apron into Apron•o•logy yet.  I wanted to send it with a special letter and the idea for that letter just wasn’t coming to the surface.


A couple of days ago the ‘thoughts’ that I had been looking for began to formulate and this is what I will be sending off with this apron creation!

Vintage{y} apron tag

When I create these aprons I use a fun variety of found items.  This tag will give the owner of the apron an idea of what was used in it’s creation.

tag close-up

long line of gals devoted to their apronsI come from a long line of gals who were devoted to their aprons!

Ooo!  Last minute here…I think I need to add a charm»

grandma and grandpa Carpenter

grandma and grandpa Carpenter

side 2

side 2

I know – I go overboard…you don’t have to tell me!

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platz/stamp charmJust fooling around!

I’ve used an old ‘stamped’ US postage stamp in a charm with a snippet of map on side 2.   I also soldered the edge of a small ‘A’ that I have cut out of  an old AZ license plate and then attached the two charms together with a jump ring.

It’s lying on a 1910 map of my favorite state!  The ‘A’ is right over my house!


I have scads of old stamps that I need to begin incorporating into something.

truths?I loved this stamp but it also makes me a bit sad because I think that the ‘Truths’ have changed and are changing.

Isn’t that exactly what was voted for?   …change?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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An ever-so-sweet custom charm~

custom charm

This is quite an adorable little face.  I really enjoy making custom charms.  I work with so many beautiful photographs.

There’s a certain pressure that goes along with them that I struggle with.  It’s just my own expectations that I have to live with.

special tagI always print an extra picture…just in case.  It’s rare that I totally mess up a charm enough to have to start over though so, with that extra picture I love to make a sweet tag to accompany a charm.  Don’t ever expect it though because I only do it if I want to, have time to, feel inspired to and still have that extra photo.

{{I have pretty strong feelings that a child needs consistency with structure and discipline in order to succeed in life but I’m quite positive that my approach would have to be slightly modified if those eyes were looking right at me}}.


I made this for dinner last night.  It was really quite good.

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More cause for celebration~

Yesterday, my parent’s church honored them for their 50 years of marriage.

cake/50Pastor Dan said, “50 years ago you pledged your loyalty to one another.  You said you would live together after God’s ordinance, in the holy commitment of marriage.  You promised to love, comfort, honor and keep one another both in sickness and in health – keeping yourselves only for the other.

March 13, 1959You also spent many years sharing an unwavering devotion to the ways and will of God.  He has been your Savior, Friend, your Everything.  You have endeavored with like passion to live your lives and your marriage for Him.

March 22, 2009Today, in the presence of God, family, friends…will you reaffirm the pledges of faithfulness that you made so long ago – pledges made to one another and also the pledges you made to God….?”

“We will!”


*these are just excerpts – there was much more shared!  🙂

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Sunday Inspiration!

In His Steps Put yourself in competition with yourself each day. Each morning look back upon your work of yesterday and then try to beat it.
Charles M. Sheldon

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There’s always a reason to celebrate!

MIL hankie!

My dear mother-in-law celebrated her birthday yesterday!

MIL tagI hope that she likes this bit of thoughtfulness with the sweet, custom charm tucked inside!

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Food for thought…

saving money

It doesn’t seem that it matters how many years I’ve managed a successful garden, each year I feel like a novice.

It also doesn’t seem to matter how diligently I work in and with it, I always seem to fall short.

a penny for your thoughts

I don’t garden because of the boost it gives to my moral and, before now, I haven’t chosen gardening as a way to save money.  This year, however, we are taking a different approach.  We have a strong desire to be more responsible with the resources that we have at hand and at this point, cold hard cash is not one of those resources.

It is indisputable, in my opinion, that growing your own food is the healthiest alternative and with an incredible amount a bit of extra work we feel that we can save money and, in general, do a better job of taking care of our family.

my precious seedlingsIt would be a foolish thought for me to think that this was for everyone but it would be wonderful if I could encourage someone to consider gardening as an alternative for their family.  Maybe you’ve never tried it before or, you have and are now considering whether or not this will be part of your 2009.

Go ahead…you can do it!

saving money

During WWII, Americans were encouraged to grow a Victory Garden.  Today, this type of an effort (although much different), is being referred to as Recession Gardens.  If anything good can come out of these difficult days ahead (which indeed are probable), it would be that each one of us considers how we can embrace the basics of life, to consider simplicity as a way of life, even when it requires hard work.  {sounds a bit like an oxymoron}

Here is an article that I found interesting and here’s another.

There is no time like today to get started.

brighter days are just around the corner

Many seed companies are finding that they do not have enough stock to keep up with the demand.  Frightening thought and one that can compel avid gardeners to keep their own seed from year to year.

Since I’ve already offered more than the average number of links here, I’m going to add one more that is completely unrelated.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to any momma’s face.  My sweet friend, Michelle.

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Now that the girls are safely nestled back in their own home, it’s time for me to find my little happy, productive spot again.  So for today, please allow me one more {family} indulgence…

Abbie's feet snuggled up against Tripp

…my favorite picture from the week.

*picture Abbie cuddling with me on the couch: blankie in hand, thumb in mouth and toes snug, into Tripp’s back ♥

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