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A Cheap Date~

Mr T and I have a favorite pastime that we enjoy doing together.

2nd hand shopping!

misc. trimsWe were told that there was going to be an estate sale in the big city, so yesterday we left in the wee hours of the morning and headed to that big city.

linens, etc.When we arrived, we signed in as #53 and #54.

misc. fabricBy 9:00 there were well over 100 people going into the house, all at the same time.

I headed directly for the fabric room (I had peaked into some windows ahead of time).  A while later Mr T met me in the middle with an arm full of linens ~ just in case I might want them.  What a sweetie!

my favorites!These are two of my favorite things! 5o¢ and $3

The way that I prefer to go through an estate sale is, quick the first time, grabbing anything that I may want…then nice and slow the second time, thinking everything through as I go.  This sale was so crazy with people that one time was enough.  I met one sweet gal who had a piece of fabric that I wanted really bad.  🙂  It turns out that we do the Vintage Barn Sale together.

an old clock - that works$2~ and stuck to the bottom with yellowed, crackly tape:

Date: Apr 29/52
Guarantee void if this number removed

500 sheets!

This is some of my favorite paper to craft with.  I love it’s translucence and the ever-so-slight texture…and now I have an additional 500 sheets for $2!


As we finished our day with lunch at my favorite spot, Mr T wrapped it up well by saying that I was his favorite ‘cheap’ date!

after 25 years, there’s no other way to take it than, as it was intended,… a compliment!

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