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pocket for an in-progress apron

I feel like my life is somewhat of an open book and that when I experience times of feeling completely uninspired, the whole world knows about it.   Whenever this happens I try to peg what the deal is….

  1. It could be that the fumes are leaking through the mask.
  2. …or, that this completely sugar-free body (YES!) is suffering from some ‘new’ brain disorder,
  3. …or possibly that I’ve been watching way too much TV (which is a rarity for me)…

Could be any # of things and it happens often enough that I’ll never be able to completely figure it out.  I’ve had an apron idea rumbling through my brain for quite a while but I just haven’t been doing any sewing so today I worked just a little bit on that and the pocket (pictured above) is the only thing that I got done.

close-upAs I work on projects like this, with no pattern involved, I can feel inspiration welling up!  🙂

I will be working on two aprons that could be a bit similar.  One will be for me to wear during my summer shows and the other one I want to submit to (Apron*ology), which, now that I look at the picture of that pocket, this would possibly be in an issue for Valentine’s Day 2010, so I had better snip a calendar for the month of February!   (sometimes I have such great ideas that I completely amaze myself)

February 21, 2009 Posted by | aprons, sewing, vintage{y} apron | 1 Comment