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Another charmed week, indeed!

It’s been another week with a ‘charmed’ emphasis.


I love having a fun variety of mediums, textures and colors…around me as I work.

monogram charms

This is my attempt to ‘stock-up’ on these monogram charms.  They were a best-seller last year.

B monogram

I layer a letter monogram on top of some very, very old handwritten German paper.

Some of the charms have wallpaper on the 2nd side but I feel like that’s a bit wasteful when it comes to showing off this wonderful paper, so, on some of them I’ve done a simple bit of collag{ing} on the 2nd side.


With these snippets from a French theatrical book, some words appear not-so-sweet…


…and others recognizably sweet.

birdie!We tried to save this poor little tweety this week as he had flown into a screen and stuck there!  He eventually left this refuge and we’re hoping that he’s now looking forward to spring and green grass.

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