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Here is a true artist at work!  I actually have a hard time calling myself an artist but I remember what a relief I felt last year when I finally admitted to myself that ‘I am an artist.  It seemed as though it helped put another definition to the “who am I?’ question.  My crazy mind works like that of an artist.  I’ve often felt that if I had known that 30 years ago, I would have loved and flourished at an art school.  So, as it is, I am completely self-taught in most of what I do.   …sigh!      {this would be a great place to insert that I wouldn’t change anything in my life!}


I got this great new respirator mask this week to help save a few brain cells.  I completely despise it – except for the ‘saving brain cells’ part.


I really shouldn’t complain though – I mean, I know it looks hot!   …along with my new magnifying reading glasses!

more soldering

and, it not only curbs my addiction to hot beverages and alleviates any desire to chew gum (2 $ savers here), it also helps me with my average-0f-one-pound-weight-loss-per-week diet plan.  By causing a slight state of suffocation, it removes any and all appetite.

oh, my aching back!

I’m sorry if I’ve dashed your thoughts that soldering is a glamorous job with promises of a real future.

I’m afraid that breathing too many of those fumes would promise no real future at all.  We have, however,  some acceptable options in my area for suitable assisted living homes – after this post Mr T is going to be on the hunt for one.

Oh,my aching back!


On a lighter note (actually, there isn’t anything light about it – it’s made up of the kind of stuff that’s made me heavy!), I am completely in love with the King Arthur Flour blog.  Their last two posts fascinate me.

p.s. since I’m on the sensitive subject of ‘heavy’, I’m really not as heavy as those pics make me look – at least I don’t think I am.

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