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…hats and sheds!

I finished another hat yesterday and Miss sweet-16 gets to keep this one.

2.9.09 knitted hat

I think she may have worn it today and I haven’t taken care of my ‘loose ends’…ooops!

back/top view

I love how this twirls and swirls it’s way to the center.  When people say they like my hat I have to turn around and tilt my head back so they can fully see the coolness of it all.

On a different note…

white tail buck shedsMr. Cash keeps proudly bringing sheds into our yard.  They’re not all fresh and I’m not quite sure where he finds them all but we’ve been getting almost one per day this week.  It’s quite impressive actually, when you think how a buck will shed his antlers each year only to begin sprouting new, larger and more impressive antlers as he matures.  After they reach a certain maturity the size begins to decrease each year.

February 10, 2009 Posted by | knitting, wild life | 7 Comments