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Threadly Musing…

I recently picked up a ‘baggy’ of old threads…

threadSo beautiful to look at…

thread…the colors: crisp, clear, vibrant, splendid…grand ~

red threadWith any selection of a variety of colors, it seems that red will always be my favorite.

hand sewing a button…how rewarding it was yesterday to need this very particular color, then, to go to my ‘baggy’ and find it…beautiful silk thread.

As I look at these fine threads, especially the red one, I can’t help but think about the thread of God’s love that has so tenderly been woven throughout my life; visible through His grace, mercy and unending love .  Sometimes these are felt through discipline but, even so, persistent and true.

glorious red

February 9, 2009 Posted by | faith, life, sewing | 5 Comments