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Easy as pie!

That phrase really used to puzzle me.  It seemed to me that there was nothing more difficult than consistently making a good pie.  For years I watched my mom throw one together in just a matter of minutes…it looked easy when she did it.  But it never felt easy for me.  Finally, after many years, I asked my mom for her crust recipe (which wasn’t really a recipe ~ she just knew how much of this and that to put in).  Since then I can honestly say that pies have become very easy for me and, of course, the more I make them the easier they get (that really is the key).

So, in honor of National Pie Day it was only fitting to whip up my own pie this morning.  I decided that I needed to make it quick (I’ve really been wanting to make a cream pie ~ maybe next time), so I pulled a jar of my own apple pie filling off of the shelf, made my mom’s crust recipe and in less than 2 minutes (1:55) that pie was ready to go into the oven.  WOW!  The oven hadn’t even finished preheating.

~ right out of the oven ~

~ right out of the oven ~

Here’s my mom’s crust recipe:  2 c. flour + 1 1/2 t. salt = mix   *take a 1 c. glass measuring cup, put 2/3 c. oil in then fill to 1 c. line with milk  ~  add this to the flour and salt, mix well…it will mix into a ball. This will make a double crust.  The part that makes this so quick is that there is no need to refrigerate the dough.

p.s. my favorite pie plate is the Pampered Chef  stoneware deep dish pie plate.

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