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little Prince ~

I had an enjoyable weekend~ I’ve done what I can do on my booth design for now.  I need to take it down today but I also need to keep looking at the whole picture to make the inside work with the outside and vice versa.

photo from Mary Jane's Farm

Saturday I went to a forestry meeting with my parents.  The overall theme: with the economy low and the log value low, what are some creative ideas for your land that can also generate income.  All of the speakers were enjoyable and caused my mind to swirl but there was one that caused me to get more excited that the others.  They are here and they got their idea here.  I have been interested in this idea in the past but listening to this couple made it seem so possible.

Yesterday, after church and a great nap, I started knitting leg warmers…

red leg warmers!

I had a friend tell me recently that I’m a ‘red’ girl.  Yes, I am indeed a ‘red’ girl…I love red!

bird boy

bird boyI call this little guy my ‘Prince Bird Boy’.  I’ve had him for a couple of years but his face was broken off.  It was a clean break so eventually I glued it back on.  He’s been enjoying a comfy spot in a nest.  His head is flat with a hole in the top so he still looked a bit disturbing.  After Christmas I had a couple of those pieces that go on the top of a glass ornament and I just couldn’t throw them away – they have the look of a crown.  One of them I had picked up off of the floor too many times and the last time when it was in my hand I immediately thought of my little bird boy.  I covered it with German glass glitter, glued it on and now he just seems complete and at home.  He is very, very old and even has a # on the back of his head.  Definitely worth salvaging and enjoying.

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