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Hours and hours of sewing….

I’m not sure what possesses me to think that I need to post everyday, but I guess I just enjoy it and I know that if I don’t my mom with harass me.  🙂 plus YOU are often in my thoughts and I wanted to update you on the workings of my booth.

So, here’s an update of what I’m up to…



as of now this top isn't actually fitting but I'll make it work

imgp0238I’ve been buying up old shears for just such a time as this,… I guess. – I’m going to somehow incorporate them…

The time-consuming part of the awning is almost done.  I sewed it all with French seams and the binding on the scalloped edge is hand-sewn on the back side.  hours and hours of sewing….

I forgot to mention yesterday that I have my very own personal {design} assistant.  She is awesome and full of great ideas.  We’ve brainstormed together for years – decorating for spectacular events!  🙂  Now, we get to do it long-distance.  Thanks Trish for all of your stupendous ideas for me.

I’ll try to make my next post a bit more visually stimulating…  tata*for*now!

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