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Booth re-design…

I’m going to begin re-designing my booth for my summer shows.  The 3 shows that I am most excited about are:  The Vintage Barn Sale, Farm Chicks(they have an awesome new blog)  & Mary Jane’s Farm Fair.  I have laid awake nights dreaming and scheming  about how to make my booth the one that could draw everyone into it.  🙂  So, today I’m going to pop up my 10×10 right in the middle of my living room.  Here is a sneak peak of my dreams…

faux awning

the 'board'…and another ‘board’ that I made –  custom just for my friend.  She isn’t a blogger but her daughters are (here and here) are, so, I stole some pics from their’s and mine and put this together for her for a late Christmas gift (the 1st attempt at a gift failed and she’s a patient gal).  As I make these I’m {slowly} learning that I need to keep words and faces away from the clothespins.  I should have put ‘lovin’ the country life’ on the top!

January 14, 2009 Posted by | "the Board", antique show, booth design | 3 Comments