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A little DIM {do it myself}

I’ve been eyeing this fun shelf for months.  It’s the kind that is so ugly that it’s cute…you know the kind.

workspace shel re-do

metal pulls

When I looked at it again last week for the umpteenth time it occurred to me that I had the perfect place for it…above a window in my workspace.  The cute little metal pulls were screaming to be painted RED.

shelf after paint-job and mounted to the wall

It is a perfect fit – snuggled right in there between the ceiling and the window trim.

workspace shotThis is a very functional spot for me – so much is right at my fingertips and you can see the fun addition mounted right over the window.

I suppose it shows here (in my blog), but I’ve had a struggle getting back to ‘it’ since the holidays.  I’ve been tinkering here and there, accomplishing a little as I go.  In fact, I just sent my NewYear’s cards to the post office.  Whew!  Those always take me so long (doesn’t help that I had almost 100).  I have enjoyed being home a lot and I can feel my groove returning.  I was inspired by Diane’s post this morning to go make an apron and I just may do that.  She gets to use her own ‘yummy’ fabric – fabric that she designed.  Speaking of designing fabric – please visit my friend Scott and send a vote his way for some fabric that he has designed.  Scott is a guy that I have a lot of admiration for when it comes to his artistic and quilting capabilities – This goes for his wife Linda as well – she is an incredible artist. {and they are both personal friends}

So, now that it’s almost noon, it’s time for me to get ‘it’ together and do something fun, creative and necessary!


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