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I wished I'd noticed it was blurry before I had it all packaged and ready to mail.

I wished I'd noticed it was blurry before I had it all packaged and ready to mail.

My daughter loves to design custom charms ~ this style is one of her favs.  It becomes a very personal gift.  She had me make this for one of her favorite gals.

These charms are made with 1″ beveled glass, back to back.

gingerbread-housesI spent portions of the past two days working in 2 “Food & Family” classes @ my daughter’s school ~ she is in one of the classes.  Her teacher asked if I would help teach the kids how to make gingerbread houses.  I was thrilled to be asked.  That’s a great place for a mom to hang out & my sweet-16 girl seemed to actually like the fact that I was there.  She, of course, had to make a special call to me (probably during class) to make sure that I didn’t wear anything embarrassing.

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A is for: always trying to be there for my kids …in any possible way, with anything, whenever and however possible...if possible & if practical… (you get the idea)  & all the while…trying not to look stupid or embarrassing! 🙂  (it’s such a challenging job)

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the Stockings are hung~

does that say -9?

Baby, it's cold outside

I finished some Christmas stockings for my niece and her hubby.

wool stockingsI first used this pattern 25 years ago when I made ours and I loved doing cross-stitch.

our stockingsMy sister-in-law taught me how to cross stitch when I was 17 and I did a lot of it until I had my 1st babe @ 23.  After that I had absolutely no interest in it.  I had always planned to make these for our kids but I just couldn’t get passed the idea of cross-stitching their names.  Eventually, I bought these for them.

kids' stockings

When my mom first bought her beautiful computerized Bernina with embroidery capabilities, I started making these stockings (in the 1st pic) for everyone.  I have 29 names listed….but my poor kids never got theirs.  It’s OK, I really don’t feel too bad, afterall, it’s hard to get rid of Christmas decor that holds the memories.  I may make them some ‘grown-up’ stockings someday but I hope that when I do that there will be a twinge of sadness that goes along with their JOY.

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