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It’s Snowing!

We’re finally getting a measurable amount of snow…and it’s coming down fast –  it’s even filtering through to my blog…can you see it?

Mr. Cash want to come in where it is warm.

Mr. Cash wants to come in where it is warm.

Have I ever let on that I’m a procrastinator.  Those of you who know me personally have probably figured that out.  I can give my daughter a bad time about her time management skills (as in my last post) but truth be told, she & I both know where she learned it.  A friend gave me a horseradish start a few weeks ago and my job was to get it in the ground before it was frozen solid.  That gives a girl some leeway.  With pickax  and shovel in hand I figured that this morning was my last chance.  I actually got some hoses put away too!  🙂

it looks like a little grave - rest well my little horseradish plant!

it looks like a little grave - rest well my little horseradish plant! The 3 little sticks are marking where my garlic is that the same friend gave me. It only took me about 8 weeks to get that in the ground.

I received my package from Anita in the Netherlands yesterday.  It was for the Stockings Full O’ Cheer Swap.  She put together such a fun assortment of goodies.  The stocking she made for me is so sweet, nice and very well made – I love it!  She hand-pieced a homespun garland ~ stitched together some hearts ~ made a kleenex cover – sent some traditional Christmas cookies from the Netherlands and a couple of sweet ‘tinish’ ornaments that didn’t end up this pic but will be in tomorrow’s post.  It’s so much stinkin’ fun to get a package like this in the mail. Thank you so much Anita.

Stocking Full O' Cheer Swap

Thanks to those who took the time to leave a note on my daughter’s blog.  I was blessed by reading your notes of encouragment and I know that she will be too!

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