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I’m celebrating my 1st year!


It feels like a birthday!  Wouldn’t this be the dreamiest way to find your birthday cake? WOW!

I have absolutely LOVED this year of blogging.  I was so reluctant and as I began I had no faith in myself (not to mention a horrible internet connection).  But as the year has brought many {wonderful} changes my way (including a better connection), I have loved sharing in this community, where friends gather, …one that brightens each day ~ I really mean that.  It’s been an incredible way to connect with gals who I’ve known for years and I have met so many delightful new friends who have added so much inspiration into my life and encouragement… and I love to give that back any chance I get.

In this place, this reflection of me, where I can always feel free to be myself, I hope that you can also feel at home as I share about my family, my home, my friends and my love of creating.

One of the comments that encourages me the most (& at times haunts me) is from my sweet girl who moved several hours away last August.

“Keep blogging… makes me feel like I’m closer to you )

So to celebrate, I’m doing a give-a-way which is mentioned in my previous post and I’m going to share this picture with you that I bought this week at the 2nd hand store.  You can take it and use it (does anyone do this? – I know I do when I visit other sites).  I suppose this is a wedding pic but I thought it was odd to see her dress so short – it looks a bit tea-length.  I love it that we can see her shoes – they’re gorgeous (don’t you think he looks a little creepy?…like he’s up to something).  Oh ya, if any of you want ideas for gifts for me for this day of celebration…just send shoes!  :o)

  • Here’s one last note of encouragement for YOU!

this girl actually needs to relax a little - she looks so uptight, with her intense eyes and pointy fingers...but you gotta love her pearls and Tiffany-style bracelet!

Thanks for sharing this occasion with me!  Blessings!  😉

p.s. if you checked out the link to my first blog, i just have to tell you about that picture.  it was my kindergarten pic.  my mom says that my dad sent me to school that day and she was, of course, horrified at the picture, therefore, we only ever had just the proof.  it’s a bit tattered and it makes me love it all the more.   i think it’s the picture of my childhood that shows who i really was… not like some of the other classic shots that we have


October 30, 2008 - Posted by | blogging, free vintage images, friends


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us through your blog. I am consistently inspired by the things you create and do. Keep up the good work. PS: I too love the glittery looking wedding shoes. I wonder what color they were.

    Comment by Deb Shirley | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. You make me smile 🙂

    It’s true though… I really do feel almost at home when I read your blogs. You have no idea how irritating it is when there are several days in between blogs. lol

    Love you!!

    Comment by lifeofwonder | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the day and may you have many birthday blessings!

    Comment by tattingchic | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Like the other girl said “It makes us feel closer to you”
    I go to your page daily (almost) but always for Sunday Inspirational.
    I missed the picture on your first blog. I love the hair. Aqua-net and Kindergartners. What a combo..
    Love ya. WB

    Comment by Wendy Girl | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  5. Love the pictures. If you look back at old wedding photos lots of them seem kind of creepy. I think it was the way so many posed for them. Hoping you are having a glorious fall day! I love how crisp and cold it is but dread the soon onset of rain! Love you!

    Comment by Cyndi | October 30, 2008 | Reply

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