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Just a quiet day…

…except for the buzzing of the flies.  I have such a problem here.  I vacuum up 100’s everyday.  As long as I stay on top of it they don’t make me too crazy and I know that it will soon pass.

Actually, what am I saying…it really hasn’t been quiet at all.  There are hunters all around firing off their guns…..  I’m getting ready for another family meal tomorrow.  I made a beautiful pot of seafood chowder…I know, you think “how can seafood chowder be beautiful”, but it really is.   …and it’s never quiet with my sweet-16-girl around.  Monday starts Spirit Week at school so there’s 70’s day and 80’s day and….  That girl is a little piece of her mother.  She’s been ‘dressing up’ all day, in fact, I still have most of the girls’ dress-up clothes and I think she tried everything on that would fit and wouldn’t fit.  We also went to Goodwill and another thrift store.  Not much to choose from around here as far as fun 2nd hand places go but I always love giving it my best.  Here’s a bit of the fun:

Theres something about rick rack that compels me to buy it...I just cant leave it there.  And the old stuff is SO MUCH nicer!

There's something about rick rack that compels me to buy it...I just can't leave it there. And the old stuff is SO MUCH nicer!

Cupcakes are a definite fav…look at this gorgeous batter… (now you really think I’m crazy – the crazy part is that I’m taking pictures of such things and most of you completely understand why)

There is always quietness to be found, sometimes just by looking outside at the Tamaracks as they turn a brighter shade of yellow with each day.

Check out Diane Knott’s Musings blog for a fun give-a-way!  She has a great blog with free inspirations! 😉


October 18, 2008 - Posted by | home life, Uncategorized, vintage


  1. Tinker, thanks for stopping by and signing up for my give-away. Welcome again, anytime!

    Comment by Diane Knott | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. That batter pic makes me all sentimental..

    Comment by Amber Rose | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. I would be afraid I would drop the camera in the batter ;0) My Grandma would put ric rac on EVERYTHING!!! It would be either lavendar or black with glittery bits…evry time I see ric rac I think of her–I have a whole box of the stuff and can’t hardly use it because of that…it just makes me smile to look at it. Ben’s has some really BIG stuff that I think I need, for what??? Who knows, I might have a giant ric rak emergency so I better go get it huh?!

    Comment by Linda | October 22, 2008 | Reply

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