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In life we don’t alway find everything topped with a glittery crown…

…or can we?

I love adding the final touches to a wonderfully crafted piece of art.  One of my favorites is to add a glittery, shimmery crown.  I was working on one such piece today.

Sweet Gracie sits and watches over me as I create...always with a satisfying look of approval~

~I mentioned that I am moving my on-the-move art studio back to the not-so-glamorous laundry room – which is going to work out perfect (so I keep telling myself).  Each time I rearrange this part of my life, all I can think about doing is creating that next piece.  I think it has to do with the freshness and tidiness of it all.  Let me tell you, this area is still showing a bit of chaos but every little bit I just have to sit down and tinker.

I then moved on to washing all of my windows feeling a little bit pouty because I just wanted to make something fun.  Because I had just made the sweet crown for Miss Gracie, I found ‘myself’ telling ‘myself’ that life isn’t always going to be about adding the fun glittery crown.  Work has to be done and my life demands that I be productive in a variety of areas.

Well…the longer I washed windows the happier I got.  I LOVE clean windows so much and they have been BAD for a while now.  As I was standing here…

You know the place Im talking about!

You know the place I'm talking about!

…so I could reach the tippy top of my windows I found myself smiling, not just because I like to live a little on the edge, but I was able see the wonderful benefits of my hard work.  That’s when I decided that my finished product, even here, was indeed a shiny crown.

this view demands clean windows!

this view demands clean windows!

I began thinking deep thoughts like:  when we do what is right and good there are always benefits, we may not see or realize them as quickly as we can when we wash 2 sides of a window and sometimes we have to look long and hard but it’s there, even if it’s just the joy we experience from it (joy can never be over-rated!!!).

Watch for the shiny, shimmery, glittery crowns in your life!

I just couldnt leave her along~tonight I have her rhinestone earrings.

So often we’re surrounded by those crowns but we just aren’t looking hard enough to see them.


October 14, 2008 - Posted by | home life, just plain fun, soldered charms

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