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What’s for breakfast??

…corn on the cob, peaches, strawberries & salsa!  I have to leave again for a few days, 😦 so I decided that I needed to check the garden and see what needed my attention.  We’ve had some freezing going on here so I know that if I want it, I had better get it and take care of it.  I didn’t plant this year with the idea of putting lots of stuff up for the winter because I’m really just getting my feet wet with gardening.  I’ve never done it on a real big scale before so I didn’t want to overwhelm myself completely, but there is still some of the wonderful stuff that can hit the freezer shelves.

I got started early this morning so who really needs breakfast when you can just clean off each cob that has had the corn freshly cut from it…& eat that first slice of each peach…nible on the strawberries & dip some chips into that fresh salsa.  Actually this has been my lunch too…along with some fresh juice made with pear, apple, plum & carrot.  Truth be known, my jeans are a little tight (and these are the big ones!).

I’ve been playing some more with the map snippets for my soldered charms.  I have also been cutting up license plates to use in charms and some of the license plates have tiny little letters.  I thought it would be fun to add a monogram to the bottom of custom map charms.  Here’s my attempt.  It’s made with 2 pieces of 1″ bevel glass.  Next time I won’t add so many jump rings to join them – I’ll try just using one.

side one of map charm w/hanging monogram

side one of map charm w/hanging monogram

as I leave home again ~ may I always find my way back

(side 2) as I leave home again ~ may I always find my way back


September 26, 2008 - Posted by | domesticity, garden, home life, soldered charms


  1. Lady..you need to stay put!! Although I’m sure as soon as the snow flies you will stay home:) Great canning pic’s:) Don’t you just love fall!!

    Comment by Amber Rose | September 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. you goof… how on earth can you put a sad face next to leaving… you are coming to see me for goodness sake!!!

    I can tell you one thing though, I don’t think there is one person at the church who doesn’t know you are coming. I’m rather excited!

    Comment by Lauren | September 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi Sweet Elaine!

    I love the custom map pendant!! If you ever make one that has the Omak area in it, let me know!! Those are really sweet!! I want to come eat all that goodness you are fixing!! Yum!


    Comment by Teresa Sheeley | September 28, 2008 | Reply

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