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Bloom Together~Wallflower

Here’s a new Wallflower

Wallflower~Bloom Together

I was working on a big Wallflower project yesterday. It was my main focus of the day and I was planning to blog them before the day was out. (ya right!) So many distractions. I finally finished this one by 9:30 only to have the pics turns out bad because it was too dark outside. ;-( I’m such an over-achiever at times. I would love to have a new post everyday. Oh well, today is a new day and I will finish them all.

This Wallflower is made with a 3×5 bevel glass and accented with a 7/8″ x 2″ bevel charm then finished with a 100% lead free soldered edge.

***Many thanks to Linda who helped me clean up my side margin. I wanted to add “my stores’ and with her help I was able to figure that out…and more. ***Also, thanks to Teresa who posted a link to my blog. I’ve had lots of visitors show up through her site.

Keep in mind that I love comments!

charm on Bloom Together

p.s. It has only taken me 8 months to post some charms on etsy, but I finally did at the encouragement of Amy who I met at last weekend’s show (she makes a lot of fun stuff mixing old and new) and within 2 hours I had made a sale. YIPPEE!


July 8, 2008 - Posted by | collage, soldered charms, Wallflower


  1. Congratulations on the Sale..
    Thats Great.
    So, are you going to direct us to your ETSY page?
    I want to see what your selling..

    Comment by Wendy | July 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. Ok,
    Nobody, comment me on this!!!
    I see it…
    I really should read a little more close…I know..
    I am a goof..
    Its still really pretty, At least I looked at the Beautiful artwork.. 🙂

    Comment by Wendy | July 8, 2008 | Reply

  3. Yay for you!! A sale on Etsy!! How very cool!! Congrats!!
    Oh and Wendy..there is a link on the side margin..:)

    Comment by Amber Rose | July 9, 2008 | Reply

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