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God Bless America!!!

Celebrate America

I’ll never forget the lady who sang God Bless America. She was born in China and as an adult now lived in the USA. I’m sure she has a story to tell. I know that I take for granted the freedom that I live with every day but right now I am so very thankful for that freedom. I’m thankful for the men I know personally (this includes my wonderful father-in-law who fought in WWII) and the many I will never know who gave or were (and are!) willing to give their lives for this country. I am thankful for the men who were willing to sign the Declaration of Independence (also willing to give their lives) in 1776 for my freedom. My list could go on and on but I am thankful that God has blessed America so much.

Yesterday I picked strawberries with my girls. We told them to eat as many as they wanted…until we paid for them. 😉

#1 strawberry pickers

I recently picked up a 1927 cookbook at a sale. It’s a beautiful book. I bought it to cut up and charm it…even as I bought it I told myself, “I will cut this up, I will cut this up!”. But I’m happy to say I just can’t do it. Maybe I can scan (as I’ve done here) it and have fun with it that way. I found this great Strawberry Pie recipe in it. It was fun and easy to make.

1927 recipe for strawberry pie

Fresh Strawberry Pie

I’ve got to add here that the pie glaze didn’t thicken right~Maybe they didn’t have tapioca in 1927 but I    think that in 2008 I might add that.  That might just make it perfect!

Have a happy and BLESSED 4th!

soldered charm - celebrate america


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