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#335~Friendship with Jesus

I finished a new Wallflower this morning. It’s theme is taken from the hymn Friendship with Jesus, a favorite!  A favorite line in that hymn is “Oh, what blessed sweet communion”.  This Wallflower is collaged and measures 3″x5″ with a charm dangling from it.  Pure Sweetness!


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Custom orders!

Today is the day to get some custom charms in the mail.  I LOVE doing these and they are always a pleaser!  Getting my pics for them is challenging though since I’ve moved – I’m really trying to work through the kinks but yesterday I had to drive an hour (includes both ways) just to get some printed and that really cuts into the profit.  Just one of the prices I pay for living rural and I’m willing to pay it!  😉

Today I’m working on Wallflowers!  But there is also laundry, garden, housework, raspberries to pick, peas that I need to pick and freeze (never done this) and most importantly a new book I’ve picked up on ORGANIZATION!  But where’s the time to even try????

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Good to be home!

Some hi-lights on the way home!

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Working my way back to civilization!

I am now sitting about 30+ minutes from our campsite…at Starbucks. Next stop – SHOWERS!

sun Son-kissed at Creation

Creation is really an incredible experience. The banner across the main stage reads “A Tribute to Our Creator”…and that is what we do for 4 days while listening to so, so many wonderful Christian bands, worship leaders and incredible speakers. I leave this time away feeling very blessed to have had the opportunity to go with my girls.  It’s also great to spend this time with a campsite of wonderful friends who come from a variety of places. I will also feel very blessed to get home and sleep in my bed tomorrow night.

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quality time!

Not much happening in the arena of my own personal creations but some weeks need to come along just for recuperation! This has been a good one. I’ve had 3 sweet nieces and some time spent with friends. Today was just one such day. A nice quiet day with Miss AR!…sharing coffee, friendship and airwaves!

and 4 ‘extra’ special girls! (one exited before taking the pic)

Tomorrow I am on my way to a different type of Creation!…with my girls – this pic was taken at Creation West ’07!

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Life is Charming!

I haven’t been doing much “charming” since last week but it was fun last night to put 5 together.  Such beautiful faces!

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Fun day @ the campground!

I had a great day off {no yard work, house work, charm work} visiting friends at the campground. Three of these gals are fellow bloggers (although the ties run much deeper than that) and the other one will never be. Life has scattered us in different directions so it’s nice, refreshing and (at times) a little emotional to spend some quality time together. These times are indeed a blessing!

For today it’s back to it…all of those things I mentioned that I didn’t do yesterday are at the top of my list for today.

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Oh…So Fresh!

Today was my day to work in the garden. After being gone for several days it was literally SCREAMING at me for attention! I was surprised and excited to find that the peas were coming on. YUM! I don’t even like peas normally but fresh out of the garden it’s as good as candy!

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Travelin’…too much travelin’!!!

I haven’t been able to touch base here (in the past 3 days I’ve put 815 miles on my car) and I especially haven’t been able to get creative. Wait a minute…actually while I was stuck in the car (by myself) I started taking pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever taken pics of myself before but today I probably took about 30 + I was listening to country music. Crazy day!

1} I was happy that my friend Amie gave me my early b-day present. These cute cupcake slippers came in handy~my shoes were bothering me and these made things more comfy.  🙂  Oh, happy day!

2} The sun was starting to set.

3} Just before sunset~so beautiful.

I feel like I’ve covered most of the state (WA) and what a beautiful state it is – I’m so blessed!

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Sale Day Report

I’m actually writing this just after getting home and it’s hard to communicate just how tired I am. It was a great day at the sale and a fine day as far as sales went. I’m still waiting for that sale that will blow me away and I think this one has that potential. So many nice comments from gals and I definitely sold a lot of soldered charms. It’s fun to see how each sale that I participate in impacts the special orders I receive throughout the year. It will be so much easier to place and receive those orders through my website. I know that I mentioned in the last post that Rolane does an incredible job of organizing and operating this but she does it with a great amount of help and support from her husband, Dean. It’s great to see how this team works together.

Watch for a nice spread in the next Country Living magazine (Sept. issue) spotlighting this antique sale. That should really impact the attendance at the next sale which will be on September 6th. There is so much great stuff at this sale. I just want to buy! buy! buy! But I tried to remember the “stay in your booth” thought. Here are some pics from the day.

Miss Charming!

…and the ever-so-charming helpers!


the Whimsical Junque Masters! (actual name “Wild Whimsy”)

…and their JUNQUE – way to mop it up girls!

…and my sweet girl adding to her umbrella collection ~ “it was only $3”

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