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I’m ready to cruise!


May 24, 2008 Posted by | life | 3 Comments

I’ve Been Tagged!

I was tagged by Miss AR quite a while ago, so here it is…


A–Attached or Single? Legally attached for 25 years on June 4th

B–Best friend? I’ve been blessed with several including the one mentioned above~ here I am with 2

C–Cake or Pie? Pie ~ Rhubard Custard is my fav right now.
D–Day of Choice? Monday – it always feels like a new beginning
E–Essential Item? A good hand lotion (and sugar…oh, did I say that?)
F–Favorite Color? Red just makes me smile…gotta say RED
G–Gummy bears or worms? Bears
H–Hometown? Summit Valley
I–Indulgence(s)? Sugar, Junking, Reading, Napping, Crafting (amber, just changed Shopping to Sugar)
J–January or July? This is a hard one…I’ll go with January – actually spring is my fav
K–Kids? Three great ones!

L–Life is incomplete without? Family and friends…ditto
M–Marriage date? June 4, 1983 – don’t feel that old!
N–Number of siblings? 2 brothers and 1 sis

O–Oranges or apples? Apples..fresh from the tree…ditto unless I can get an orange right off the tree – only done that once in my life
P–Phobias or fears? Hitting a pedestrian with my car
Q–Quotes? Art…the end result of perception, wisdom, intelligence, discipline, hard work, luck, passion, accident and coincidence. (author unknown)
R–Reasons to Smile? I live in the country!
S–Season? Spring
T–Tag 5 people? I can’t – it reminds me too much of a chain letter (but I had fun doing this myself) Will some horrible calamity take place if I don’t tag someone?
U–Unknown Fact? I seem to be the most motivated to scour the toilet bowl as soon as I get out of the shower – sorry! No pictures for this one!
V–Very Favorite Store? Definitely Anthropologie (I’m sure I was meant to be rich)
W–Worst Habit? Eating too much and at the wrong time
X–X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound. – makes me think of those sweet babes growing inside of me
Y–Your favorite food? The HuHot Mongolian Grill in Spokane Valley
Z–Zodiac? Leo… but does it matter?

May 24, 2008 Posted by | family, friends, life | 1 Comment