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belated mom’s day mention


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I have really looked forward to blogging about Mother’s Day for the past couple of weeks but because of my recent ’emotional’ state with blogging (meaning, I haven’t wanted to spend time on my computer…at all!), I just let it pass right on by. Is it OK if I back up a little? Here’s a picture of my mom&me. I’m not sure why she looks so forlorn…maybe because I was #3 and she was 20? or maybe it just wasn’t cool to smile…don’t know because certainly I was what every mother dreams about. I’ve got to say though that I could not have had a better mother. She has taught me so very much. She has shown me what it means to love and nurture a family, to love others, to care for my home (and yard…and I’m still learning), to love God, to sew, craft and create, and to give of myself to others. I have also been blessed with a tremendous mother-in-law who loves me bunches (and adores her son) and raised a sweet young boy to be the wonderful man that he is today. I was able to spend the day with both of these incredibly gals and that was a true blessing.

I’ve been charming again. I made these beauties for all of the moms at church. There were 21 of us and I was short 3. That was a bummer but I’ll take them this coming week.

What a blessing it is to be a MOM! I have 3 charming children…each one incredibly special and unique.

I love this quote from Charles Swindoll…”There is no more influential or powerful role on earth than a mother’s. As significant as political, military, educational, or religious figures may be, none can compare to the impact made by mothers. Their words are never fully forgotten, their touch leaves an indelible impression, and the memory of their presence lasts a lifetime.”

Here’s a quick and cute story: My two nieces (Abby,4 & Katie,6) were playing and Abby was becoming irritated and angry with Katie. Katie did something to really make Abby so, so mad and Abby yelled at her as loud as she could and said, “Katie, you will nevew get mawwied and you will NEVEW have a baby!!!” It was the worst possible insult she could think of. This is just one sweet example of how God puts this very natural instinct in us gals to love and nurture.

Celebrate MOTHERHOOD everyday!


May 15, 2008 - Posted by | family, soldered charms

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  1. Your Mom does not look happy in this picture!! Why so sad Mavis?? I’m sure Elaine was a JOY!:) Love the charm pic, very good quality. You are going to have the most fashionable Mom’s in all Summit Valley attending your church..you go girl!

    Comment by Amber Rose | May 16, 2008 | Reply

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