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I seem to break all the rules…

…of blogging. I missed that Blogging 101 class that came through town. So I just tinkered my way through. But I must back track. I missed this one. As I was leaving town (back in January) I received the sweetest gift from a most sweetest and thoughtful friend.

This “sweet” little number was created especially for ME! …and I love it. It certainly brings a smile to my face each and every time I look at it. Thanks Trish!

I also received another sweet number from my friend Sheila who makes fun critters out of cement. It’s hard to see the cute little lovebirds through the glass but I hope you can see how sweet and content they are in their little lovenest!

On another note, there’s more creativity bursting through this house (on some days) than I can handle (actually, I’m just kidding…I can always handle more creativity…bring it on!!!). Here’s a picture of what my daughter has been up to.

She’s in a beginning pottery class at school and having fun. These little beauties line my kitchen window. She says she is working on something spectacular for Mom’s Day. Can’t wait.

There’s one more thing (for today). I’ve been trying to muddle through being organized with my shopping list. The closest small town is 20 minutes and the city is an hour +, so I can’t just run to town for the smallest of things. Here’s my most wonderful attempt at organizing that part of my life and I love it.

I started with this fun collage which hi-lights the adventures of homemaking. I glued clips along the top with labels for the different towns where I venture. Each clip has a slip of paper hanging from it and this has worked wonders for me. In fact, I’m headed to town soon and my lists will be in tow.

Since I’m on the subject of homemaking I will close with a quote from a 1922 Watkin’s Almanac. “The home is the very backbone of the nation, according to a famous statesman. It is a place of rest, cheer, love and happiness, according to the average citizen. It is an institution that will endure forever-throughout time and eternity and to it all homage is due.”

Oh, and I have to add that yesterday was a most perfect day because I got a new pair of shoes.



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  1. I MUST steal your awesome collage idea!! Tell me more about it!! You have gotten so much use out of that old valance I gave you!! It all looks fab dearie:)
    You rock my crafty world:)
    (oh i signed up for a class today):)

    Comment by Amber Rose | April 9, 2008 | Reply

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