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Doodle Box revival!

15+ years ago I did a fairly successful craft show circuit by selling Doodle Boxes. This is a name I gave to a children’s art box that had a chalk board on the front and on the back was a dry-erase board that slid open so that fun stuff could be stored inside. When I was moving I came across 3 cases of them. I was so tempted to take them to the dump because I am so over painting and personalizing them. Well I didn’t and I’m so glad because I just knew that I could come up with a way to REVIVE them where I could have FUN in the process. So here’s my idea. I painted the wood, changed the handle and added some pictures from a children’s story book to the front. In this case I used Winnie the Pooh.

And then my friend Trisha had a great idea for the back. Do collage! So I did a storybook collage on the inside of the white board and have it facing out. If you take off the board the white board can still be used. So slick!

What a fun project. Hopefully I can sell them as I have about 80 of them. It’s one of those items where I’m not sure that I can get paid for my time, but we’ll see if I can speed up the process. Oh, and as you can see on the 1st picture, the final touch was adding a charm to the box. I would have loved taking this to church on Sunday nights for my kids, as quiet entertainment.

Happy crafting!


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