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Beautiful Day!

March 29th – 11″ of new snow
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What a crazy thing to wake up to. 11″ of new snow. It’s very beautiful, I must say. That fact that it is indeed spring is becoming somewhat of a joke.

On the brighter side, I finished the project I was working on yesterday and oh, my goodness, is it ever fun. Can I keep it? Can’t wait to post pics on Tuesday. I will post a picture of my latest creation though. Very appropriate for this week since many of us are putting the finishing touches on our gifts for the Swappy Ladies Spring Gift Exchange.

Have a fun Springy day!


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What can I fashion with these ingredients?

I am involved in the 1st ever Swappy Ladies Gift Exchange and I’m running a little behind in one of the categories.  It’s OK…it’s been coming together in my mind.  Sometimes that’s the hardest arena to move through in the area of creativity.  So, as I tinker away, today I will be constructing something wonderful with the items in the picture.  I know of at least one person who reads my blog (I think there is only one) who will know what I’m working on.  I am hopeful that this will come together nicely today and I will show pics on Tuesday because that’s the day that it will probably be received by the recipient – Monday is send-off day for all those involved.

just tinkering along…….

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So, So Charming!

As I’ve watched the snow fall today, I have been charming. It snowed from about 7:00am-2:00pm. Again, I have to say, “Welcome Spring”. It’s been enjoyable to put together new combinations of vintage designs. I’m getting ready for the The Vintage Barn website…lots of soldered charms to make. Here’s a sneak preview!



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Doodle Box revival!

15+ years ago I did a fairly successful craft show circuit by selling Doodle Boxes. This is a name I gave to a children’s art box that had a chalk board on the front and on the back was a dry-erase board that slid open so that fun stuff could be stored inside. When I was moving I came across 3 cases of them. I was so tempted to take them to the dump because I am so over painting and personalizing them. Well I didn’t and I’m so glad because I just knew that I could come up with a way to REVIVE them where I could have FUN in the process. So here’s my idea. I painted the wood, changed the handle and added some pictures from a children’s story book to the front. In this case I used Winnie the Pooh.

And then my friend Trisha had a great idea for the back. Do collage! So I did a storybook collage on the inside of the white board and have it facing out. If you take off the board the white board can still be used. So slick!

What a fun project. Hopefully I can sell them as I have about 80 of them. It’s one of those items where I’m not sure that I can get paid for my time, but we’ll see if I can speed up the process. Oh, and as you can see on the 1st picture, the final touch was adding a charm to the box. I would have loved taking this to church on Sunday nights for my kids, as quiet entertainment.

Happy crafting!

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I’ve Been Charming!!!!!

I’ve had some special orders to fill this week which has been very exciting. Because of our move, I feel like I’ve taken a long break. I’m ready to jump in again. We built a light box for taking indoor digital photos for posting on the net. This was my first attempt at taking pics with it. I need to work at it a little more.

I’ve also been working on a Spring Friendship Gift Swap. I only have the tag to show for now.

…I’ll keep the recipient a secret a little longer.

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