Tinker Verve

creating with spirit & enthusiasm…often with great results

…by way of introductions!

Let me introduce myself. Yes, my ‘blog’ name is Tinker Verve. It’s a fun opportunity in life to give myself a “name”. There must be meaning in a name…and rhythm.

Tinker is a word I’ve always been familiar with. I come from a family of hard-workers, my whole life I’ve watched those around me tinker with this and that, often times with great results and productivity. I’ve seen that with productivity comes a certain amount of tinkering.

Verve is my favorite word. It’s meaning goes something like this…the art of creating with spirit and enthusiasm. I just love that…it always makes me smile.

I’m excited to begin a journey into this new world of blogging. My internet connection generally is limited, so I may start out slow and take off from there or as I tinker my way through it I may decide other forms of communication are better for me. I’m rather anxious myself to see the progress.

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